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Nhạc Cụ Phú Thọ

Cập nhật phần mềm Pa4X Operating System Version 2.0.1 2.0.1

OS V2.0.1 Pa4X

  1. Thắng Râu
    Update description
    Bug fixes:

    - Split: With the Keyboard Mode (Split/ Full) lock selected, when exiting Style Record mode the keyboard mode was blocked to Full.

    - SongBook: There were some issues with the Write command, when the filter was enabled in the Book page.

    - Sampling: The page menu could trigger the wrong commands.

    - CDG Lyrics: With CDG Lyrics associated to MP3 Songs, selecting a second MP3 Song wouldn’t also select the corresponding CDG file. Lyrics were still those of the previous Song.

    Important Note on updating your Pa4X
    Before installing this update, be sure your Pa4X already includes OS v2.0.0 (you can check it in the Media > Utility page). If it still includes a previous version (v1.x.x), please download and install v2.0.0 before installing this update. You can find v2.0.0

    A necessary thing
    USB flash memory with at least 130 MB of free space

    How to update
    Installation manual in pdf format included in the package