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Nâng cấp OS cho KORG PA900 1.2.0


  1. Phiên bản OS KORG PA900 Ver 1.2.0

    Thắng Râu
    With the release of the newest operating systems from KORG, Pa3XLe, Pa900, Pa600 and Pa300 now feature a new Fingered chord recognition mode, making it possible to recognize a chord only when playing three notes.

    Pa900, Pa600 and Pa300 improve compatibility with tablets (already included in Pa3XLe). With this new release, you can use most iOS and Android devices as music sheet readers, perfectly synchronized with the SongBook library of your Pa-Series instruments. With this release, we also got the opportunity to make the boot time shorter.

    The updates can be freely downloaded from the links below.
    - See more at: Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để nhìn thấy link
    huuthanh thích bài này.
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